Queen Royal

Queen Royal

Never let anyone tell you can’t! You can, you will and you will conquer!

My name is Queen Royal a local artist in the Orlando area. I am originally from Tampa, Florida and made a decision to move to Orlando to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Service Administration with a minor in Military Science at the University of Central Florida. I have been serving in the Army National Guard for 4 years now and will be commissioning as a 2nd Lieutenant very soon.

Since a little girl I have always dreamed of becoming a music sensation someday where I was influenced by phenomenal artists such as Chris Brown, Fantasia, J. Cole to name a few. I even had major music influences within my family growing up which I had the honor of witnessing my Big Brother (Rackz A Milli) and Uncle Nardo (Lord Drak) take on their own musical journeys. However, during this time I never realized that I harbored the confidence and even the talent to take on my own. In mid 2017, I began to write my own music but never released my content to the public until September of that year where I dropped my very first freestyle on Instagram to Kodak Black’s hit single “Transportin”. From that point on life has taken me on an amazing new path. In less than a year I have dropped my first hit single and video “Fingalickin”, performed at over 30 different venues, collaborated with the one and only “Love & Hip Hop” reality star “Baby Blue Whooaa” and even opened up for Chief Keef in December of 2018! I am so proud of who I am but most importantly of who I am becoming simply because if you had told me 2 years ago that I would be on stage performing.. ALONE! I would tell you “ No freaking way! ” but when I take time to reflect on where I was and where I am now I realize how far God has brought me and will continue to take me if I just continue to trust his process. Currently, I am working on my new project called “Royal Wednesday’s” which will consist of me delivering a short “Royal” freestyle session every Wednesday on Instagram and Youtube. I am also working on my first album which will hopefully be completed before December of this year. Let’s go Royal Gang!

Before I conclude this I want to give a special thanks to all my Royal Gang fans and supporters I love you guys so much and want to let you know that anything you want to do life is attainable, all it takes is passion and consistency. Never let anyone tell you can’t! You can, you will and you will conquer!