About Us

4TC Entertainment
Management & Artist Development
As a full-service entertainment company, we utilize new and traditional methods to establish and further the careers of our clients. We Offer Music Placement And Artist Development Services. Our business model allows you to keep all of your publishing and rights.
Our goal is to help build awareness of your brand and increase new sales opportunities!

Strategic Planning

Our team of industry experts work with artists to develop global release strategies, making sure your music is heard by people that will love it.

Playlist Pitching

We have a close relationship with the right people at the right places and talk to them regularly to pitch our tracks.

Artist Branding

You’ve already got the music goods. We make sure that your brand, artwork, press photos and media coverage looks as good as you sound.

Radio Plugging

Getting your music on radio isn’t easy, but we’ve got your back (and the connections!).

Digital Marketing

We develop campaigns to make noise about your music, including digital marketing, social media and partnerships.

Oriana C.

Artist Manager